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My Open Code Overture

📚 Some noteworthy projects I’ve created along the way.

Bob #

Builder generator for Java

🏡 homepage:

Usage #

class Car {
	private final String color;
	private final Make make;
    public Car(String color, Make make) {
		this.color = color;
        this.make = make;

Xjx #

Java based XML serializing and deserializing (serdes) library.

🏡 homepage:

Example deserialization usage: #

class Gpx {
    @Tag(path = "/gpx", items = "wpt")
    List<Wpt> wpts;

class Wpt {
    @Tag(path = "/gpx/wpt/name")
    String name;
var gpx = new XjxSerdes().read("""
<gpx version="1.0"
     creator="ExpertGPS 1.1 -"
    <bounds minlat="42.401051" minlon="-71.126602" maxlat="42.468655" maxlon="-71.102973"/>
    <wpt lat="42.438878" lon="-71.119277">
""", Gpx.class);