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Jonas Geiregat

Jonas Geiregat

Software Developer

👨‍💻 I’m Jonas, a passionate Software Developer with a keen focus on crafting robust Event Driven Architectures in ☕️ Java. I thrive at the crossroads of business and technology, always keeping a pragmatic perspective on both realms.

👉 My approach is rooted in a combination of proven methodologies, including Extreme Programming (XP), Test-Driven Development (TDD), and Domain-Driven Design (DDD). I believe that these principles pave the way for scalable, efficient, and maintainable software solutions.

✨ Join me on this journey where code meets creativity, and let’s shape the future of technology together.


The subtle Art of Java Test Method Naming

·7 mins

Tests must be encapsulated within methods that demand a name, and as with all aspects of programming, naming often proves to be the most challenging task.

Mastering the Object Mother

·6 mins

Discover how the Object Mother concept empowers developers to effortlessly generate intricate test objects, enhancing code readability, maintainability, and overall testing efficiency.